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Fair and Event Logistics


International Fair Transportation


Simorg Trans, which has been able to respond to all the needs of its customers about transportation, with its professional team and the most advanced technologies it has incorporated, continues to improve itself by following every innovation that occurs in this field. Our team of experts, whose primary goal is always to ensure the satisfaction of customers and to serve them at international quality standards, has also succeeded in gaining recognition with their unlimited creative work.


The international fair transport service, which is one of the most important and demanding transport services, significantly reduces the burden of the companies that will participate in the fair. International fair transportation, which has started to have a much more important meaning for companies with the globalizing world, is carried out all over the world.


In international fair transportation services, all customs processes are managed and there is nothing else for you to do in this process. The goods to be transported are taken from your door and delivered to the fairground.


Advantages of International Fair Transportation


International fairs, which have a very important place in the global economy, also provide companies with a competitive advantage in the sector. International fair transportation, which is carried out completely customer-oriented and with the most equipped vehicle fleet, supports you with the most effective solution proposals.


One of the most important advantages of international fair transportation is to reduce the problems of companies in this regard by allowing all transportation operations related to the fair to be carried out from a single point. International fair transportation services, which ensure that all fair materials are delivered to the desired point without any problems, keep the communication alive at all times and adjust the timing according to your wishes.


The services offered in international fair transportation are as follows;

  • With the latest technologies, it is possible to easily track the loads for the goods that are transported without any problems.

  • All operations related to products such as storage and packaging are carried out.

  • Necessary customs clearance procedures are carried out.

  • All products are delivered to the stand.

  • The necessary import and export procedures are explained in the fair area.

  • Consultancy services are provided in the fair area and information about which incentives you can benefit from after the fair is shared with you.

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