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Project Transportation

proje taşımacılığı

Project transportation, which is related to the transportation of non-standard large loads in terms of weight and volume, is the transportation of said loads from one place to another. In project transportation, it is important to transport the cargo on time, in a safe and undamaged manner. Failure of all kinds of machinery and equipment used in the realization of a project to reach its address on time or to be damaged may cause serious losses. Our company, which is always among the first choices in project transportation with its superior logistics experience, transportation vehicles that respond to every need and expert staff, is a competent company that offers professional solutions in line with the needs.


Project Transportation Needs Expertise


Our company, which professionally carries dozens of project products from factories, pipelines and power plants to tanks and pressure vehicles, transformers, tanks and pressure vehicles, steam and gas turbines, condensers, chimneys, dryers and iron and steel furnaces, heavy goods vehicles, equipment and expert staff. is the leading company in the sector. Our company is the choice of those who want to get a reliable and high quality project transportation service with its team that has command of the procedures of the countries served, its command of the roads and its team that knows the geography of the countries served well. It always provides customer satisfaction with its domestic and international services in land, sea and air transportation.


Project Transportation is a Comprehensive Business


Project transportation is a very comprehensive and painstaking service. It covers obtaining road permit, supply of technical equipment, foreign trade and legislation information, insurance and permit documents and many more. With its consistent, reliable, high quality and affordable project transportation service, our company works with a team that is well-versed in all stages, from process management to certification and the most accurate vehicle allocation. As a company that always provides customer satisfaction, it increases its references day by day and always provides convenience to its customers with its flexible payment terms. As a company that is aware of its responsibilities, our company, which always offers special transportation services to each of its customers, has a large family with more than 500 customers. As a company that provides services to more than 10 countries, it grows day by day, and it always takes pride in being among the first choices by working with a focus on customer satisfaction.

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