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Merkezi Gradyan Şeffaf

About us

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Our company, which started to serve in the sector in 2020, exhibits a working performance that focuses on customer expectations in logistics services with the support it receives from modern technology.  


Customer Focused Service Priority


As Pasargad Logistics, which focuses on customer expectations in every step it takes, we regularly update our vision and try to be our customers' business partners in a short time and with low costs.  


Our company, which is a member of the National Quality Movement, has also made a name for itself in international projects. Thanks to the solutions we offer in logistics and customs clearance services, which focus on customer expectations, our teams, which carry out comprehensive transportation, continue their devoted efforts to lead the sector in their lane.


As one of the first companies that come to mind when it comes to performance and service quality, we follow the developments in the sector closely and make them usable by taking the appropriate parts of our business while taking firm steps towards our goals.


International Forwarding, Shipping and Logistics


Thanks to our works focused on understanding customer demands in the best way, we produce innovative solution suggestions and expand our service area by gaining new customers with the reference we get from here. The trust we have gained in the eyes of our customers is focused on developing and planning our departments more accurately.


Our teams, who strive to achieve the impossible in transportation demands that are defined as very difficult, make a difference with the slogan of "Continuous Service" and play an effective role in determining the future of logistics. Thanks to our understanding of work, which reveals our experience in the practical solution proposals we offer, we set the rules and make a superior effort to get the job done in the desired way. We accurately convey the strategic solutions we have established to the plan, and in the implementation phase, we stay one step ahead of our competitors and ensure that the needs are resolved without loss of time.


Our services, which draw attention with their profit-oriented solution proposals, focus on meeting customer expectations at the most ideal level while setting the rules of the logistics industry. Pasargad Logistics, which is not only a shipping company but a loyal friend, works to relieve the burden of its business partners, from the management of the process to the trust-oriented communication.

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