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Merkezi Gradyan Şeffaf

International Maritime Transport


The transportation service, which has an important place in world trade, can be carried out through different channels in terms of affordable cost and trust conditions. The sea route, which is preferred especially in the logistics market due to the priority of providing speed and confidence opportunities, is known as one of the priority preferences of many countries with affordable cost over long distances. Generally, maritime transport is divided into two different types as Tramp and Liner transport and is completed by means of high-capacity containers. The primary reason for the use of containers is that they are low in cost and provide sheltered housing of many products.


Another important point of maritime trade, where 34 million containers are used on average, is the ease of transporting products to vehicles such as trains, ships and planes in a short time. This transportation approach, which reduces the manpower cost for transportation, is widely used today, and the cranes preferred during the transfer make it possible to transport 30-40 containers in an hour.


Tramp transportation service is based on the freight transfer process between two ports. Coal, crude oil and underground mines constitute the basis of this service, which is not based on a predetermined time or date. In tramp transportation, which is usually a one-time transportation process, the primary goal of seafarers is towards areas where the load is high.


A specific date and time is essential in liner transportation. Ro-Ro transports and containers are used in this transportation service, where the cargo is carried out in accordance with the planning of the ships to which the transfer will be made and the service is based on. The primary purpose is to ensure that the product is delivered to the desired place at the specified time and date.


In maritime transport, which is accepted as one of the most important transportation resources in the logistics world and forms the basis of trade, the storage service is based on intense security conditions. With the warehouses and security cameras monitored 24 hours a day, the personnel trained in this area are responsible for the protection of the products and carry out the recording and control processes.


In order to provide a service directly to the customers in accordance with the current procedure, transportation is carried out in warehouses containing heat-sensitive thermal system systems. Seaway, which has been accepted as a fast and reliable transportation approach at the main trade points in the world, is also widely used in our country.

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